FAQ's - some more information...

You are requesting a reading for a reason. Your reading will be more to the point if you start with at least one specific question. This could be about your life purpose or path, a decision you are facing, a relationship question, the well-being of a loved one who has passed, or to ask for guidance about an immediate problem or concern.

No. You don’t need to know anything about angels before your reading. Your angel messages and the healing and teaching tools they have for you will be the focus of your reading, with the information delivered to you in a way that is easy for you to understand.

No. It is not necessary for you to submit your questions or any information about yourself or your situation in advance of a reading. The angels will ensure you get the information you need and are ready to receive at the time of your reading.

A channelled reading is where information from the angels is received by a channel through one or more of the senses (imagery, hearing, feeling) or knowingness (similar to gut instinct). Working specifically with the fifteen Archangels, Vonne receives channelled information through imagery, feeling and knowing and relays the messages to you in a way you can understand. You may even get a surprise visit from a spirit loved one, eager to say hello or give you a message.

No. There is no difference having a reading done in person versus by Skype or phone. In fact, having a reading done from the comfort of your home offers just as intimate a connection to the angels as in person.

The first is to honour the sacredness of your life. The second is to embrace pain as a tool for change. The third is to surrender to your inner truth. The fourth is to heal your heart to heal your mind. The fifth principle is to own your perfection.

Based on the self-help therapy practice in Vonne’s book Divine Healing, the series of five sessions takes you progressively through the foundation of each principle, to give you clarity and the appropriate tools to resolve immediate or ongoing  challenges, and help you set goals to move forward in your healing at your own pace. The coaching focuses entirely on your specific grief situation. Questions are assigned each week for follow-up discussion at the next session (not mandatory but helpful to complete). If committing to a series is too much, individual sessions can be booked for help with a specific issue or challenge.