Are you bereaved and want more for your life?  

Meet me below to learn how I can help.

Hi, I’m Vonne. If you’re visiting me on this page, I’m so happy you stopped by. As an author, grief and life transformation coach, I’ve dedicated myself to healing and helping others since my daughter’s suicide in 2005 at age 22. My commitment to healing has pushed me to always strive to be more than who I am today and share what I learn with others. I don’t want to live only in pain, which would rob me and my daughter of the wonderful experience we did have together on this planet.

While all of the work I do is based on self-responsibility and the choice we all have to heal, regardless of where our pain originates, I am well aware of the struggle to rebuild after child and other painful loss. However, through my books, blog and YouTube channel I continue to share what I learn and practice in my own efforts to create the  life I want. Something I love to help other people do, too.

My latest book Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter  is dedicated to helping newly bereaved parents who have lost a child to suicide understand trauma and navigate early and complicated grief. My book Divine Healing –Transforming Pain into Personal Power offers a cutting-edge discourse on grief and loss in western culture and a practice to help anyone heal after loss. The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment is a guide to help anyone start enjoying a fuller, richer life based on the power we all have within us to create the life we want in 30 days.

I am always working on new projects and have a podcast and digital courses planned for 2021.  I invite you to pop over to my blog at to subscribe or just catch up on the latest news and ventures. You can also check out a variety of life transforming meditations and grief information videos at my Living Meditations channel on YouTube.