About Vonne


A place to breathe.


VONNE SOLÍS is the author of the book Divine Healing – Transforming Pain into Personal Power that offers a cutting edge discourse on grief and loss in western culture, and a revolutionary self-help therapy practice for individual transformation based on the powerful insights of angelic and divine wisdom. Her second book, The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment offers a 30 day guide to developing spiritual consciousness to live a fuller, more joyous and balanced life.


After losing her twenty-two year old daughter to suicide in 2005, Vonne dedicated herself to healing and becoming a voice for the grieving to bring about much needed change to western culture in the way we view and experience suicide, and loss and grief in general. In 2006, Vonne certified as an AngelTherapy® Practitioner and began her practice. In her own unique and compassionate voice, Vonne continues to bring the powerful messages of Divine Healing to the world to help anyone transform their life after any loss or difficulty.

An inspiration to many, Vonne is a natural healer, teacher and guide. Since her daughter’s death, Vonne has lost several other close family members and is experienced with other types of loss and grief, in addition to parental bereavement. Through her own healing journey to understand suicide, child loss, and the many complications of grief, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Vonne continues to share the many lessons she is learning through her commitment to consciously evolve to become the most powerful, spiritual being she can be, despite her loss.

The foundation for all of her work is based on the principles of self-responsibility and the choice we all have to heal and transform, regardless of where our pain originates. Understanding the struggle so many people  experience, clients and audiences alike will benefit from this important contribution to individual and global transformation in the many ways Vonne is available to share her healing with the world. You can keep up with Vonne’s latest information and learn about additional resources at https://goodgriever.com/.

Healing, growth and empowerment is my passion. Understanding, empathy and compassion are my guiding values. Living one’s truth is my core life principle.  Vonne Solis