Mission Statement: The sole purpose for this work is to change the way we view loss and grief to allow for more inclusivity for the bereaved in mainstream society as they heal and rebuild their lives.

Vancouver Island, Canada

As an Author, Speaker and Grief and Life Transformation Coach, Vonne has been dedicated to supporting the bereaved in their healing since her daughter’s suicide in 2005, at the age of 22. This was a devastating and traumatic loss for her entire family and ripped her world apart. Vonne lost all sense of who she was.

Her commitment to healing has inspired Vonne to continually share what she learns with others to help the grieving live with more than just their suffering. Vonne does not believe that anyone bereaved should feel robbed of the chance to honour their memories and experiences with those they’ve lost as a result of the silence there is around loss and grief.

While all of the work Vonne does is based on self-responsibility and the choice we have to heal, regardless of where our pain originates, she is well aware of the struggle everyone faces to rebuild their life after child loss, trauma and other devastating loss. Through her online courses, books, blog and YouTube channel, Vonne offers resources to support the bereaved in their healing and create the life they truly want.

Her latest book Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter  is dedicated to helping newly bereaved parents who have lost a child to suicide or bereaved parents struggling with longer-term grief understand trauma and navigate early and complicated grief. Her book Divine Healing –Transforming Pain into Personal Power takes readers through her story of loss and early grief and offers a healing practice to support anyone bereaved recover from their loss. The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment  is a guide to help anyone change their mindset to start creating the life they want in 30 days.

You can find more support and resources at courses.vonnesolis.com, goodgriever.com and Living Meditations on YouTube.