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Rising Above Adversity: How to Become a Better You

One way or another, many people experience life-altering traumatic events in their lives. Some seem to thrive when things become challenging, while others appear to struggle. How is it possible for some to overcome hurdles and navigate around roadblocks easily? Well, it is different for everyone. But one thing’s for sure; they never let themselves become overpowered by pessimism. Instead of lingering in despair, their mental fortitude propels them to seek possibilities and heal.

Vonne Solis is an Author and Grief and Life Transformation Coach who is enamored of healing journeys. After a traumatic tragedy she encountered—a loved one’s suicide—she devoted herself to healing and supporting others in their own expedition in life. Despite the devastating tribulation, which tore her world apart, she strived to stop living with only her suffering. She embarked on a healing journey that saved her, leading her to write a couple of books.  Her literary works, Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter and  Divine Healing –Transforming Pain into Personal Power, can enlighten readers in so many ways.

Just like Vonne Solis, everyone can conquer a great blight in their lives. Read on if you want to uncover ways to grow even in the most difficult circumstances. Here are some approaches successful individuals use to face adversity and empower themselves in the midst of a catastrophe.

Deepen Your Gratitude

This gesture can spark a genuine, meaningful interaction that improves your thinking, offering value to life. Gratitude is significantly and persistently connected with higher happiness, as found in positive psychology research. It says that people can experience more pleasant emotions, relish good experiences, enhance their wellbeing, deal with obstacles, and form close connections. Whenever you take the time to focus on the positive aspects of your life, you will naturally become more optimistic. One tip to deepen your gratitude is by writing down three things you are thankful for every day.

Declutter Your Soul

Many people are likely to have a vast closet of mental drawers in the back of their minds. When we get rid of these unnecessary thoughts, we make a conscious decision to turn over a fresh start and reject the erroneous belief that keeping these notions may ever bring happiness. Keep a close eye on your ideas and strive to replace negative ones with good ones on a regular basis. It is more like decluttering your unused things. You give more space for the more valuable ones. Identify the things in your life that you feel are creating toxic cycles. Decluttering may become a vital form of self-care since it allows you to regain control of your life.

Reframe Your Perspectives

Take a breather the next time anger, disappointment, fear, or anxiety threaten your mood. You can’t let these affect your day. All you need is to take and look at these perspectives from a different angle. Observe what goes through your mind, and ask yourself some questions. Are you giving people the benefit of the doubt? Is it worth it to react a certain way? Whenever you are in a demanding situation, don’t think of it as a threat. Instead, think of it as a challenge. This will help you focus better, using your abilities to take action and make significant changes.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Blaming ourselves for our flaws is a definite way to bring about sorrow. That is why practicing self-compassion is a must. Never beat yourself up for something you are unable to control; it will only lead to more self-doubt. When more adversities come your way, you will end up not knowing how to approach them. Quiet down your thoughts and take time to focus on what matters.

Understand the Significance of Acceptance

For every healing process, you will need to go through acceptance. It can be the hardest part, but it sure is one of the most freeing and satisfying parts of it all.  This is because acceptance allows you to be free of negativity and focus on bettering yourself.  The more you cultivate acceptance, the more you will see that each moment has a lesson to teach you and has a reason for unfolding in the way that it does.

Vonne Solis

Vonne Solis is an author, grief advocate, healing practitioner and bereaved parent serving the bereavement community, with a special interest in helping newly bereaved parents and those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

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