If you feel ready to surrender all pain and struggle, Divine Healing is a must read for anyone grieving a child, suicide or other loss. Delivered as both a story and a self-help practice, Vonne compassionately shares her journey to heal after the suicide of her twenty-two year old daughter in 2005. Though written in the context of parental grief, the lessons embedded in each chapter are based on the eternal truth that all healing is possible, despite the origin of any pain. As a reader, you will gain a richer understanding of loss and suffering, learn to work with angels in grief, how to honour all of your painful experiences, and find the courage to transform your life through a realistic, heartfelt practice. In addition, Divine Healing offers a powerful discourse on the cultural reforms needed in western society in how we view grief and manage expectations for the healing process. Now available worldwide in print edition and e-book.

An easy to follow daily guide that gives you the tools to change your thinking immediately.  The gentle insights remind you of the power you have to believe in your dreams, set realistic goals to go after them, and manage all of your successes on your own terms. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! No matter what changes you want to make, you’ll discover that your options are endless and every outcome is always based on your most persistent thoughts. The Power of Change helps you think differently so that you can reap the rewards of your desires all of the time. Available in print or e-book.

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