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Navigating the Loss of a Loved One

Experiencing grief is a battle. Although loss is known to be a natural part of life, it is never easy to deal with, and it can become an exceptionally intense feeling. Grief may elicit a wide range of sensations, including sadness, anger, and regret. You may even have more than one of the mentioned sensations simultaneously.

Grief can have different effects on different people, and it has no set timeline. Although pain may diminish over time, going through grief is still an important process. It serves as a way to overcome the hurdles of losing someone. Though each person’s mourning process is unique in terms of severity and duration, some things should be done to ease it. Individuals experiencing severe sorrow may find this blog helpful.

Here are ways on navigating the loss of a loved one:

Don’t Push Your Feelings Aside

When it appears that you can never get back on your feet following a loss of a loved one, don’t push it away. Feel the pain, and eventually, it will go away. Some people can take weeks to overcome it, while some would take years. But the most important thing is that it will. It does not mean that you are closing doors to possibilities, but you are just finding the right timing. In other words, you cannot invalidate what you are feeling, or else it will only get worse. Once you feel like you are ready to reconnect with life again, that’s when you get up and face the world. Seek new chances and opportunities. That’s your signal to change your perspective and turn that loss into a driving force to live a more purposeful life.

Focus on Self-Care

Self-care is the ultimate gift you can offer to yourself, and after going through tough times, you definitely deserve to have it. The grieving process never fails to take a toll on your body. Eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep may all benefit your physical and mental health. If you are making refreshing habits, you will also feel refreshed. You should also not forget to check on your other loved ones. Make sure that they are taking all the necessary steps to maintain their health as well.

Seek Help from a Professional

If you are going through deeper pain, you want to make sure that you are opening up your feelings with the right person.  Once you find that you are having difficulty coping with sorrow or might benefit from further assistance with a professional, then do it. They can direct you to services such as support groups where you can connect with people going through similar experiences, which can significantly help you. If you are not ready to see someone, reading meaningful books can help you. Vonne Solis is a Grief and Life Transformation Coach and the author of many literary works on grief and loss. As someone who has a personal account with it, you are sure to gain substantial insights from reading her books. Solis’ books for bereaved parents are filled with lessons and wisdom that she acquired from a personal experience of loss. She shares with others with honesty and sincerity.

As an author, speaker, and inspiring influencer, Vonne Solis continues to educate and enlighten people about optimal health and living a happy and successful life. Getting help from professionals like her is a must; they will help you avoid going to the dark places of life.

Honor the Life

The one you lost will live forever in you through memories and lessons you’ve shared if you allow it. Honoring a memory of a loved one is a transformative part of the grieving process. Because when you commemorate their life, it means that you are accepting it. The method will assist you in preserving that person’s memory and showing others how much they meant to you.

It is never simple to rebuild one’s life after experiencing a loss. All you have to do is go through it and feel the sorrow. You don’t have to think of it as something that needs to be rushed. Otherwise, you have to take the mentioned steps one step at a time. Grieving will take time, and everyone will have to go through different processes of coping. Allow yourself to feel everything. Just know that it will pass.

Vonne Solis

Vonne Solis is an author, grief advocate, healing practitioner and bereaved parent serving the bereavement community, with a special interest in helping newly bereaved parents and those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

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